Phone Systems

OAS Data Cabling can partner with you to provide a telephone system that is easy to use, technologically advanced and cost efficient. An approved NEC telephony dealer, OAS will install and program a customised phone solution that meets your needs whether your business is small or large.

Products and Services

OAS Data Cabling anticipates your phone needs by providing a range of products and services including:

  • Voicemail integration.
  • Diversions.
  • Inter-office IP links to provide free calls between your offices or branches.
  • GSM-to-mobile gateways to connect your mobile phone to your in-house phone system for cost effective calling.
  • Wireless phone systems including cordless and desk phone systems so your staff can be contacted anywhere in your building.
  • Computer-to-phone integration so you can use Outlook to phone your contacts.

Support Once You're Set Up

Once your system is installed, our experienced Telstra-licenced technicians will give you training so you can use it with ease. We’ll also provide ongoing support and maintenance so your phone system remains up-to-date as new technology becomes available.